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It's more than a summer job, it's an experience of a lifetime.
The 2024 camp season is June 10th-July 26th. 



1. Work with Friends

Camp Eder promotes teamwork and meaningful life-long relationships. Summer staff goes through thorough training and become CPR and First Aid certified. Working at summer camp is actually good for your career. 

2. Build a Resume with Skills Business Leaders Value

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Dedicated Work Ethic

  • Communication

  • Openness to New Experiences

  • Relationship Building 

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Public Speaking

  • Planning & Organizing

  • Problem Solving

  • Role Modeling

  • Decision Making

3. Be a Mentor/Become a Hero

Not only will you learn from the full time camp staff, you will be like a big brother or big sister to campers. Just as we go out of our way to train our staff and develop skills in teaching, coaching and child development, you will in turn teach campers the invaluable skills of independence, personal growth, teamwork, goal setting and most importantly share the gospel of Jesus.

4. Adventure & Fun

Camp provides adventures and activities you may not experience elsewhere. There is no way to describe what camp does to you. You will never regret it.





Male and Female Counselor: Spend your summer ministering to youth and guiding them through a week of fun. Be used by God this summer!  As a counselor, you will be responsible for the safety and daily activities of campers. Build relationships and memories to last a lifetime. PAID POSITION

Lifeguard: Provide lifesaving oversight for Camp Eder's summer program swim time and water sport activities PAID POSITION

Resource Staff: This position works directly with summer program staff setting up activities and providing activity oversight. PAID POSITION

Kitchen Staff: Work directly with the Camp Eder Food Service Coordinator, prepping food, setting tables, doing dishes and learning other valuable food service skills. PAID POSITION

Adult Volunteers: Be a counselor, help out with summer camp programs, volunteer in a way that utilizes your talents and skills. Camp Eder is always in need of adult volunteers to make our summer programs a success. UNPAID POSITION

CIT:(counselor in training) You will be an important team member of the Camp Eder Summer Staff. You will be working alongside counselors and paid employees to make summer 2024 a success. Once accepted into the CIT program we ask that CIT’s devote time to attend staff training and two weeks of summer camp. UNPAID POSITION


All summer camp employees are expected to be available during entire summer camping season. 5 weeks.


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