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Our goal is to make Camp Eder open to every family. We’re proud to never have turned a camper away for financial reasons, and it’s people like you who help make this a reality. The positive change, personal and spiritual growth we see in those who come to Eder is truly priceless.  

Consider making a donation of any size to our camp fund. Every cent counts.

Camp Eder aims to get more kids to camp through its scholarship initiative.  Each summer, we want to send to camp as many underprivileged kids as possible. We believe life-changing encounters with God, in the majesty of His natural playground, are not-to-be-missed opportunities for all young people, regardless of their financial means.

Camp Eder raises funds to provide camper scholarships for families that need finical help in getting their kid to camp. The program is inspired by the book of Leviticus, in which farmers were commanded to help the poor by leaving them the corners of the field. We know God cares for the spiritual well-being of people and we want to help meet their spiritual need.

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