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Camp Eder


We are pleased to have you join us at Camp Eder. This camp and its facilities are dedicated to the Lord’s work as a Christian ministry of the Southern Pennsylvania District Church of the Brethren. Camp Eder is open to all groups whose practices do not conflict with our Christian beliefs. We reserve the right to refusal. The following policies are in effect and we ask your cooperation in abiding by them.


Groups will share the dining hall with other groups when camp provides food service. Special meal requests must be made at time of reservation. Meal times are as follows:
Breakfast – 8:00 am; Lunch – 12 pm; Dinner – 6:00 pm


Camp Eder is a smoke-, drug-, and alcohol-free facility. The use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited. Please make sure all group members are aware of this policy.


Pets are not permitted on camp property or in camp facilities, with the exception of service animals.


No firearms or fireworks are permitted on camp property.


Camp Eder is not responsible for having a nurse available for retreat groups. Leaders are advised to have a nurse or person certified in First Aid / CPR present. Group leaders should have a health information sheet completed for each person attending the retreat. This should include names, addresses, emergency contacts, health information & permission to treat minors. The group must provide first aid kits.


Camp Eder is not responsible for the supervision of group members and their behavior. It is the responsibility of the group leader to properly supervise their group or provide adequate supervision for their members while they are on camp property and while they are participating in any specialized recreational activities. Damage to facilities/equipment will be charged to the individual or group responsible. We recommend a ratio of one (1) adult per seven (7) minors.


In case of fire or medical emergency, please call 911 and then notify the camp staff person on call. For facility-related issues, you should contact the host directly. The bell at the main campfire circle is for emergency use only.


A limited accident insurance policy is provided for all guests. Any accident should be reported to the Host/Hostess. Obtaining a claim form from the Host/Hostess and filing the claim is the responsibility of the group leader.


Please note the following restricted areas on camp property: Climbing Wall, Sewage Treatment Plant, Maintenance Building, and lodges/cabins for which you have not contracted. Park in designated parking areas only. Garden Way carts are provided for loading and unloading. Quiet time on the grounds (outside) is between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. The bell at the main campfire circle is for emergency use only.

Please respect other groups retreating at Camp Eder.

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